Web seminar

Value Alignment: Managing Project Implementation to Strategic Vision 

Duration: 45 minutes 

Have you ever been involved in a project where the team struggled to see the forest for the trees? The executive sponsor kicks off the project focused on the big picture—how the project will achieve organizational strategic objectives layed out in the business case.

Once the project is underway, though, the business case is largely forgotten and the project team filters through hundreds, if not thousands, of requirements to deliver the project against a planned schedule and budget.  This disconnect can increase time and cost before a project delivers the strategic vision.

In this interactive session Barrett Brooks discussed how Guidewire customers overcome this challenge from his experience with working with dozens of companies.

Barrett answered questions from the audience on topics such as:

  •  What are the symptoms of a project that may not be delivering maximum value?
  •  How can you use the business case to prioritize the project backlog?
  • How do you make sure that the project will not be derailed by scope changes?

If you are a P/C insurer considering a core systems project, then this is a Tech Talk you will find valuable.

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