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Opportunity in Adversity: Why an Economic Downturn is Ideal for Core System Investments

The financial crisis and prospect of a global recession has alarmed many businesses into defensive postures; however, far-sighted insurers who exploit the economic slowdown to modernize their core systems will maximize their performance during the inevitable return of more favorable market conditions.

By prioritizing a small number of strategic core system projects, carriers can avoid large up-front capital expenditure while achieving sustained advantage over competitors who neglect investment.

This web seminar will discuss the advantages of core system replacement to:

    * Enhance productivity
    * Enable diversification and faster deployment of product offerings
    * Improve methods for policyholder and producer service
    * Gain a competitive advantage over carriers who maintain the status-quo

Can your company afford to wait? Arm yourself with the information you need today to understand how your company can turn this recession into a smart business opportunity.

Speaker: Marcus Ryu, Chief Executive Officer – Guidewire

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