Web seminar

How Your Billing System Can Improve Service, Retain Customers, and Increase Profits

In this informative web seminar presented by the ICE Education Committee, in conjunction with Guidewire, you'll learn how to successfully leverage a modern billing system to improve customer service.

In this 45 minute presentation we discuss:

    * An overview of the billing marketplace and the changes in customer demands
    * How carriers are leveraging modern billing systems to dramatically improve customer service
    * Recommendations for how to start a billing replacement project, and the types of customer service functions you should look for in a new system

Who will benefit from this web seminar:

    * Billing Systems Teams
    * Premium Accounting Dept. Managers
    * Zone Managers and Supervisors
    * Business Analysts
    * IT Staff responsible for systems build and maintenance
    * Product Specialists
    * VPs of Accounting
    * CFOs

This is an educational web seminar that does not include any product demonstrations. If you would like to view a BillingCenter product demonstration web seminar, please email sales@guidewire.com or call +1 855.432.3674.

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