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Managing Change During Core System Replacement

“It’s ironic, but the budget for change management is trivial compared to the cost of replacing core systems. But the impact of change management to the success of these large-scale programs can be truly significant.”

Kelly Hall
Vice President, IT

Kentucky Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company

Join Kelly as she talks about the change management journey her organization began in 2006 as Kentucky Farm Bureau began replacing their claims, policy, and billing core systems.

Kelly will discuss topics including:

  • Managing change when faced with shifting organizational objectives.
  • Communicating with corporate users, agencies, and end customers: How often and what?
  • Keeping stakeholders focused: Project governance best practices
  • Using video dramatizations, and other methods, to explain benefits
  • Lessons learned

This session will be interactive, so bring your questions. This event is ideal for VPs, Directors, and Managers at P&C insurers who are considering, or who are in the midst of, a core system replacement.

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