Novarica ACE Ranking Guidewire ClaimCenter, 2008

Guidewire Analyst Report

Novarica Average Customer Experience (ACE) Rankings are based on an online survey of senior technology and operational executives at five insurer clients who have direct experience with the vendor product and organization. Novarica validates the identity and responses of the participants, who are assured of annonymity.

The Novarica ACE Ranking is intended to provide an objective measurement of customer satisfaction levels in general, and is intended to be used to guide insurers' own due diligence processes when evaluating potential solution providers. Novarica’s ACE Ranking categories include: overall customer satisfaction, staff, organization, and product functionality, and technology. These scores are averaged for an overall “Average Customer Experience” ranking.

  • Overall Customer Satisfaction
  • Staff
  • Organization
  • Product Functionality
  • Technology

"ClaimCenter is the first claim system that has been ranked. It scored an average of 89 in total including scores for overall customer satisfaction at 91 and technology at 90."

– Matthew Josefowicz, September 2008

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* The Novarica ACE Rankings™ are derived from independent, validated rankings by five insurer clients of Guidewire's solution. For more information, see

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