8:15 am          Registration & Coffee

9:00 am          Setting the Scene, Innovation and Transformation in Insurance         Keith Stonell, Managing Director EMEA
                                                                                                                                 Guidewire Software

9:30 am          Case Study                                                                                              
                      The Change Trick - Delivering PolicyCenter and ClaimCenter                 
Jayne Sayer, Programme Manager Guidewire  
                      to all Levels of the Organisation                                                           Commercial Transformation, Aviva UK

Selling Guidewire PolicyCenter and ClaimCenter to Aviva’s operational teams was easy. In technology terms, they had spent years working with the equivalent of a dial-up phone with a crank handle. Managing the expectations of hungry executives who wanted to maximize ROI was another matter. In this session, Aviva will tell the story of how they managed the “change curve” at all levels of their business and ended up tantalizingly close to unlocking the potential of digital and analytics. This session will illustrate:

  • The real opportunity to transform operations (service, accuracy, efficiency, and foundations for digital and analytics)
  • How to ensure ROI and future-proof further development
  • How to manage the change in role of the claims handler (adjuster)
  • What this new foundation means for the adjuster’s role as Aviva begins to embrace decision support tools driven from analytics and automation

10:05 am        Case Study                                                                                              
                      Guidewire Live Contributing to the Proactive Management                 
Amit Shah, Product Marketing Manager
                      of Catastrophes                                                                                   Guidewire Software

10:40 am        Break

11:25 am        Case Study                                                                                              
                      The Journey to Selecting a New Claims Solution - Lessons learned,     
Marc Beaujean, Administrator and Board Member
                      and the Story of Embarking in a Transformation Journey                     P&V Belgium

11:55 am        The Digital Gap                                                                                   Ben Brantley, CTO
                       Bridging the customer and the core                                                   Guidewire Software

The Digital Landscape is unfolding at light speed, and the need for insurers to embrace a rich, compelling customer interaction journey is driving an accelerating investment in new technologies. This segment will explore how the need to empower the customer, and the demands this places on insurer systems and processes, is changing the way insurers view products, distribution, data, and the role of core systems.

12:30 pm        Lunch

1:30 pm         Case Study                                                                                              
                      PolicyCenter Pre-Project Commercial Product Development                
Luna Vogel, Commercial Lines Business Owner
                      Innovation to Accelerate & De-Risk Your Programme                           Santam

By deploying a small, focused team, Santam defined and conducted a Guidewire implementation project before initiating its commercial lines phase. This approach enabled the company to build out its policy line, coverable, coverage, terms, and prototype quote wizard for its commercial package product. Would your company like to do the same? Join us to learn how you can review and simplify your commercial product design requirements in line with Guidewire PolicyCenter’s out-of-the-box capabilities. You’ll come away with a better understanding of how to initiate a PolicyCenter project even while you’re waiting to staff and launch a full implementation project.

2:00 pm          Roundtable discussions

                     Topic 1 : Enabling Customer Self Service and Automation

Customers expect a seamless experience when they interact with their Insurance matters including the option to self-serve online or through mobile Apps and switch seamlessly between voice and digital communication media.  Insurers, Agents and Claims Management companies need to find effective ways to join up core Policy and Claims Administration systems with off-application web-Portals, Mobile Apps, Vendor systems and Analytics engines.  We’ll explore the different approaches companies are taking and the learnings.  How do we build flexibility to adapt and evolve without creating a complex web of systems and tools?

                     Topic 2 : Future of Claims

The management of claims has already been transformed because of advances in technology. The nature and type of claims will continue to evolve and transform, however, because of:                                                                                                                                    

  • M2M Transaction:  Driverless cars, the deployment of telematics devices and the growth of data transmission from home appliances to building and bridges.                                              
  • Personalisation                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Data Analytics (hindsight, insight and foresight).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

The discussion is focused on underlying technology claims management platforms.  Where are the synergies combining technology and operations to manage the next generation of transformation and how do we enable it?     

3:10 pm         Break

3:45 pm         Case Study                                                                                              
                      The Launch of Tinkoff Online Insurance                                                  
Fedor Voronin, Chief Operating Officier
                      A View From Russia                                                                                 Tinkoff

Tinkoff Credit Systems was launched in 2007 as a branchless distribution network with a focus on credit card services. Its goal was to provide a premium service to a mass market. They have grown to be the number three provider in the Russian card market, with a 7.5% market share. Tinkoff Online Insurance was launched with the same basic goal: to provide a premium service to a mass market by leveraging best-in-class technology. From the project inception in September 2013 through its initial launch in January and its continuing milestones, this is a story of focus, determination, and execution. Join us to learn how Tinkoff seized the opportunity to deliver as a new direct player in a rapidly expanding market—and how the company’s partnership with Guidewire helped it deliver on its goals.

4:15 pm         Case Study                                                                                              
                      Harnessing the Opportunity for Business Transformation                       
Adam Warwick, CIO
                                                                                                                                     Zurich UK

Gain perspective on your upcoming ClaimCenter implementation from a business and IT point of view. This session will explore the practical elements you can adopt to ensure your success, based on one of the largest European implementations to date. We’ll share video testimony from project leaders and business partners, and show you the project working environment and culture in action. You will learn valuable tips in areas such as managing a heavily outsourced engagement and addressing the scale of your integration effort. This session illustrates why it’s not just IT, but business in partnership with IT, that makes any implementation successful.

4:45 am           Closing Remarks and Thank You for the Day                                          Niels Zijderveld, Regional Sales Director
                                                                                                                                     Guidewire Software

5:00 pm           Champagne Reception


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