Achieving Claims Excellence

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Who should read this document?

Property & Casualty insurance executives in key insurance operational positions (Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Claims Officer, etc.) and claims management and claims adjusting professionals who are concerned about:

  1. Maintaining profitability in an increasingly soft market;
  2. Experienced personnel “brain drain” in their claims professional and IT communities
  3. Increasing the efficiency, productivity, cost effectiveness and service levels of their claims operations;
  4. Obtaining the benefits that a leading, proven, modern claims solution can bring to a property & casualty insurer; and
  5. Incurring the high cost and long time to benefit of large internal software build efforts, “ERP projects” or “consulting firm” style “custom development” efforts.

This paper is designed to accomplish four major goals:

  1. Provide an educational update around the critical need for property & casualty insurers to replace their core claims systems;
  2. Underscore that core claims system replacement must be accomplished now;
  3. Provide an overview of what a modern property & casualty insurer should look for in a modern claims system; and
  4. Examine the capabilities of Guidewire ClaimCenter® to meet the needs of a modern property & casualty insurer’s core claims system needs.

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